Mohamad Ramdan

Full-Stack web developer. Creating web based applications since 2012. Learned everything by myself. Was mainly using PHP as the back-end with ability to manage sql database to create dynamic web applications.

Tinkering with IoT (internet of things) projects as a hobby and to strengthen programming language skills. I have created several IoT projects and some of them are documented in my blog. In my projects I always use ESP8266 or ESP32, and program them with Arduino IDE or PlatformIO with VSCode.

To strengthen my skills in web application development, I also learn some of the latest technologies in web application development. Includes Node.js, Vue, Vite, TypeScript, Axios and more.

To incorporate modern web application development technologies and take advantage of my PHP skills. I created an API server using PHP and implemented it on a SPA built with Vue.js.

The page you are reading was also created using Vue 3 and developed with Vite. Built with Server Side Generation (SSG) feature to keep it Search engine friendly.